Wiesbaden-Homes helps you to find your new home in Wiesbaden

Since Wiesbaden is one of the nicest cities in Germany and constantly growing, it is not very easy to find available real estate offers that suit your needs at a decent price. We at Wiesbaden-Homes have thus specialized on serving the American community to find affordable new homes in and about Wiesbaden.

Take a look at our For-Rent-Section to find apartments, flats and houses especially fitting the common requirements of an American family or single person. Next to renting options we also recommend to consider buying a home in Wiesbaden. We gladly explain to you how to use your LQA to get a no-money-down financing and manage the buying process with you. Of course we also help you to rent or sell your Wiesbaden home once you want or need to leave the country. See our For-Sale-Section to learn more.

Please have a little more patience with us, as this website is still being developed. Not all sections are fully ready now but will be very soon. If you have any recommendations please let us know!

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Services Offered

Please click the following services to know more about what we offer and how we can help you finding your new home in Wiesbaden.

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The most common way to get into a new home is renting it. Most Germans prefer to rent and probably most Americans in and about Wiesbaden would also like to rent.

In our For-Rent-Section we provide all the information on how to rent in Germany. We also list some offerings that might just be what you are looking for. As realtors we also help you finding exactly what you are looking for when you let us know your detailed requirements.

We provide and help you with:

  • Finding the right offer for you
  • Visit the offered real estate and consult you on its conditions
  • Assistance in contract negotiations and signing
  • All translations required and all services in English language

So simply contact us and together we get you into your new rented home!

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Over the last years some Americans who have moved to Wiesbaden intelligently used their LQA to invest in German real estate. This did not only provide them with a wonderful home to live in, but also proved to be a profitable investment to live on for the rest of their life. We show you how to be one of them and find your own home in Germany. In our For-Sale-Section we provide you with as many information on the buying process as possible and list some offerings that might be just what you were looking for. As realtors we know, that every buying transaction is individual. We thus hope that you contact us to analyze your case in detail and then accompany you on your way to buying a home in Wiesbaden.

We provide and help you with:

  • Navigation through the whole real estate buying process
  • Real estate services with large variety in architectural concepts
  • Free realty/property search and consultation
  • Financial/loan service (using your housing allowance)
  • 0% down-financing possible
  • Assistance in contract negotiations
  • Property management after PCS move
  • All translations required and all services in English language

We gladly bring you in touch with American customers to share their purchase experience.

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Buying a home can often not be done without adequate financing. Good news is that interest rates in Germany are currently at an all-time-low. Even better news that using your housing allowance (LQA) wisely we can arrange a 100% or even 110% financing with no money down. Unfortunately there is some bad news also: real estate prices have risen considerably within the last years and remain rising. The market is also quite tight, meaning that there are few people willing to sell at the moment. Nevertheless we have managed to find homes to buy for many of our clients and will do our very best to do the same for you.

We provide and help you with:

  • Calculating your financing allowance according to your LQA
  • Finding attractive interest rates and contract conditions
  • Developing 0% down-financing possibilities
  • Assistance in all matters concerning bank, insurance and notary
  • All translations required and all services in English language

CONSULTING click for more

You want to do it all by yourself? But you would like to have a second opinion? You need help at dealing with Germany partners? No problem - give us a call and we will gladly help you out.