Renting is an easy and comfortable way to find yourself a home in Wiesbaden

As most Germans rent the place they are living at, it is quite common to find a broad range of offerings. Renting is easy because according to German law you as the renting party have a lot of rights. The renting party has to insure that the lease object is in good conditions, has to make all necessary repairs and cannot terminate the lease contract on short notice. You are only responsible to pay the rent on time and hand over the lease object in conditions corresponding to the time of use. In order to rent you only need to find a suitable real estate, negotiate on the rent and sign a standardized contract.

Please click on the following steps to know more about how to rent a German real estate and see the offerings below.Should any questions remain open or should you not find any offer that suits your needs please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

Step 1: Find your real estate click for more

Wiesbaden has lots of beautiful buildings with two to more apartments, flats and penthouses as well as free-standing homes, town and row houses. The standard of living is probably among the highest in Germany.

Unfortunately the market is currently quite tight as the city is constantly growing and the increasing American community are putting pressure on availability and prices. Prices have risen considerably and continue rising. But good news is that in general LQAs cover all cost necessary to rent and there are many Germans who like to rent to Americans. Unfortunately not all German real estate suits the American expectations as 60-80m² 2-3-room flats are quite common for German households and many do not come with a furnished kitchen or individual parking areas. Nevertheless offers meeting American standards can be found in and about Wiesbaden.

Step 2: Sign the lease contract click for more

Once you have found a real estate you wish to rent, you need to complete a couple of forms with the housing office and sign a German-English lease contract. In some cases housing will want to inspect the real estate and consult you on the monthly rent if it does not meet the local average. With either housing or an external consultant at your side, there is little you can do wrong.


Here is an overview of the properties currently on offer. Please look more closely and see if anything interests you. If you are not able to find anything meeting your requirements, please contact us so we can add you to our customer database and search specifically for you on the real estate market.

Please note that we are still developing this portal and thus not yet have many real estates on offer.

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